Munster, Indiana Site (46321)

Output Frequency:       462.600 Mhz
Input Frequency: 467.600 Mhz
PL/DPL: view
Height AGL: 80 Feet
TX Power: 50 Watts (ERP 390 Watts)
Photos: view
Streaming Audio:
  Popup Stream
Features: On-Line Double Conversion UPS
  Backup Generator
  NOAA Weather Alerts (Lake County IN.)
Radio Over IP You can monitor and use the repeater via any smartphone or PC. more  info
DTMF Commands: 11 - Self Signal Report usage
12 - Relative Signal Strength usage
13 - Time, Date, & Temperature usage
20 - DTMF Test usage

Click Map To View Repeater Coverage
Key up, enter DTMF repeater code 11 then un-key, the repeater will respond with "Ready", Key up and speak a short test message, un-key and hear how you sound.
Key up, enter DTMF repeater code 12 then un-key to hear the relative signal strength you are reaching the repeater with.
Key up, enter DTMF repeater code 13 then un-key to hear the time, date, and current outside temperature.
Key up, enter DTMF repeater code 20 then some other DTMF digits of your choosing, then un-key to hear if your DTMF tones were received correctly by the repeater.

This is kind of a pointless test, because you need DTMF to be working to enter 20 in the first place! But I have included it anyway because it was an interesting option on the controller and may come in handy for some.
You can now monitor and use the repeater from anywhere in the world! Use any smart phone or PC. When using this feature it doesnt "feel" like your using a two-way radio. Please keep in mind that you are infact keying up our repeater system and transmitting on the GMRS band. ID yourself like you would on an HT.

To use this feature go into the app market on your phone, search for zello, install the app, create a zello account its free. Once the software is setup and you are logged in, go to channels and search for "WQLJ357 Repeater" and add that to your contacts. You are now ready to use our repeater from anywhere! If you want to use the PC version go to and download the app, follow the same directions as the phone.

The password for the channel is the same as the PL tone for the repeater.